Boström-Einarsson et al 2019. NESP Report 4.3

Boström-Einarsson et al 2019. NESP Report 4.3

Boström-Einarsson et al 2018, OCMA

Boström-Einarsson et al 2018, OCMA

Boström-Einarsson & Rivera-Posada 2016, Coral Reefs

Biosphere Magazine no. 11, October 2015

Biosphere Magazine no. 11, October 2015

Bonin et al AREES, 2016


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  • Boström-Einarsson, Lisa, Dead enough? 2018. The thorny issue of culling crown-of-thorns starfish using vinegar injections. A reply to Dumas et al. The chaotic history of using vinegar injections to control Acanthaster spp. populations, Ocean & Coastal management.

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    • Press release with >180 international articles/interviews/online content, including BBC, Guardian, ABC

    • 8 page article in international science magazine Biosphere - "Enemy Within", Issue 11, October 2015

    • Featured in ABC's Catalyst (Australian science TV-show). View here.

  • Buck, A., N. Gardiner, and L. Boström-Einarsson. 2016. Citric Acid Injections: An Accessible and Efficient Method for Controlling Outbreaks of the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish Acanthaster cf. solaris. Diversity 8:28. Download. Final publication.


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Boström-Einarsson et al 2018, Scientific reports

Boström-Einarsson et al 2018, Scientific reports

Boström-Einarsson et al., 2014 Ecology

Boström-Einarsson et al 2013, JEMBE